Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee
Israel: Peaceful shores, Historical wonders, Unresolved Conflicts

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Take II

The bad news is I’m undergoing surgery again for the same problem.
The good news is it’s non-invasive.
The bad news is, it’s surgery. No matter how invasive or non-invasive, things can go wrong once you enter that sterile, white operating room, and you’re unconscious.
This time, I am awake since the procedure only requires moderate sedation.
Good news for a recovering control freak.
The bad news is I always think about my life and death during the weeks and days leading up to surgery.
I always have a checklist.
Is your life insurance paid? Yes.
Did you hide things you don’t want your mother to read if you’re in a coma? Yes.
Did you set the out-of-office email alert? No.
Did you take the living will to the hospital? No.
There are certain life events that force you to do a BIG reality check.
The last time I had surgery (in 2007) I spent quality time with my mother, who flew in from Florida to help me during my recovery.
We did mundane things like watch wall-to-wall news coverage of Ana Nicole Smith’s sudden death. I had four weeks to do nothing except recover and reflect.
After I recovered, I took time to plan my next move and found a main anchor job.
Surgery forced me to have a sense of urgency about making decisions that would enhance my life and legacy.
Since my recovery time is shorter this time, I’m free to think without the haze of pain meds as I plan my next act.
I’m also 8 years older.
I reflect on what an older brother - the straight shooter in the family - told me as he approached 50. He said, “Kat, we’re closer to the other side now.”
I was taken aback by his candidness, but he was right.
He meant that we had lived most of the years we’re going to live unless we live to be 90 or 100.
Thank God I did not tip over to that other side during surgery two.
In fact, my doctor had decided to retire, and I would be his last patient.  
Surgery went well. I only needed pain meds for a few days.
I can’t focus long enough to read a good book.
In between naps, I’m getting new company promotional material designed and building a new web site. I’m making plans for my next Wow media and branding seminars and contacting prospective partners.
Without phones ringing, I’m thinking creatively and strategically.
So, what was I waiting for? I’m not sure, but I pray I don’t have to endure one more second in the operating room to get me on track.
Surgery is like life. Sometimes you gotta cut off the source of the pain or people no matter how much it hurts. In the midst of the pain, you’re forced to get up and walk to regain your strength.
I’m walking tall again. Taking deep breaths without pain. My voice is strong.
I feel like singing a cappella. But I’m going shopping for makeup. Gotta look my best for my next act.

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